DUCAs: the background

This new concept emerged during the 2020 COVID lockdowns. As it was not easy to play with other musician in proximity, I had to find ways to create a full bands sound in my home studio.

I started extending my guitar with looper stations and some form of rhythm generator. In the end I settled with the AEROS looper, although not finished had great potential, working with 6 parts each consisting of 6 tracks.

For the rhythm I tried first the Miditech SDRUM. Great freedom and enough possibilities for singer songwritter like songs. But it was so easy to destroy your own creations by accident and not possible to set the pattern by MIDI. So I got a BeatBuddy, who has great sound, great interface but ancient editor/librarian. So I made my patterns in Ableton and exported … blah…import … blah… upload…blah…turn on, OK it works.

Then I tried 5 syth pedals for my guitar. I returned all of them. Instead I got my hands on a Roland JD-xi synthesizer and added it to my rig. It had 2 digital synths one (simple) analogue and a rythm track. It was not easy to achieve synch, I had to program a MIDI event processor to achieve perfect sync.

I did several webcastings to test the concept as it developed.

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