DUCAs: the concept

Most melodies of the DUCAs productions have medieval origin. Several Dutch, French, English, Greek medieval songs have inspired my contemporary remake with my own sound colors. But even in other songs that are originally covers of classic rock or latin melodies, the sound, the intonation, the sequencer based repeats and effects like midi arpeggiators tranforms them into new original compositions.

I keep the difference between live performing and recorded productions as small as possible. I perform the pieces live using the same phrases and sounds as the recorded productions, arranging it on the spot, improvising with any instrument I have at that moment. In the past I have used several rigs with loopers, samplers, computers and sequencers. All of them resulted into conserve can like performances that reminded me of karaoke. I felt pushed to preproduce everything, from the sounds, the patterns, the arrangement. I have solved these issues by using several different sequencers/loopers playing their own patterns, conducted by a central sequencer. In the current rig there is room for small mistakes like every live. If I don’t like a track I play it and record/sample/loop it again instead of using advanced software to repair everything like an engineer.

There is no computer involved in the music making and recording process. For the audio recordings I use analogue methods and prerecord a synch track that gives me my master clock during the recordings. Only as a last step I import 8-12 live recorded and arranged tracks in Ableton, do only some minor shortening, apply EQ, Compression, Delay, Reverb and do some mastering with Ozon.

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