My third Single is online

This track made it after a long way. It started as VROLIJK, a piece for modular synths. As my concept evolved I experimented with loops with bass and electric guitars. The past weekend I recorded everything again from zero, sequences, patterns and loops. I then performed the track live, webcasted it on Instagram and recorded 16 tracks on my multitracker.

A rapid post production of only two days followed. I uploaded the track on Monday 11 October and by Friday 15 of October it is online in all major streaming outlets.

Production status

As I started releasing tracks of DUCAs I recieve a lot of feedback to my concept and productions.

As these steps are very experimental it is not easy to fit into a Genre, especially the mainstream ones. The electronic sounds are very prominent, but the guitars take a lot of attention. The music is too minimal for a lounge band but too complicated for a club. I am the most curious about the medieval components, till now listeners don’t seem to care. Till now, Electro/Downbeats and LoFi/Chillbeats seem to fit the best.

The first release, NEW DIRECTIONS, has gone up the 10K plays very quickly and rises slowly after the second week. MARAEN 2021 has just been released and bungles just above the 500 plays after the first weekend. I am still considering my next move. It will most probably be HAPPY CONDITIONING, a track marking the end of the first lockdown.